Steel Column Connected to Concrete Masonry Wall

The construction detail shown in the figure-1 below is a method of construction in hybrid masonry and steel structural system. The example is shown here the connection details of a steel column with a concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall. 

Fig.1. 3D View of Steel Column Connected to CMU Wall

The connection of the wall and the steel column is made through an anchor. The steel is provided with a protective coating in order to fireproof the material. This detail is not shown in the figure. As shown in the figure, the anchor to the wall is vertically grouted and the reinforcement is provided as per the specifications and the design.

Fig.2. Cross-Sectional View of Steel Column Connected to CMU Wall

From the above figure, you can observe a gap between the steel column and the masonry end. This gap is provided to facilitate frame drift if any. In order to allow the shrinkage of the block, vertical control joint is provided at the interface of the materials.

Reference: International Masonry Institute

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  1. Anonymous13 July

    How and who attaches the 16GA strap anchor to the steel column?


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