Green Wall Construction-Components & Benefits

Green walls are vertical walls or structures that grow different plants or attach greenery to them. Green walls can take artificial plants or living plants on them. This article discusses living walls that take real vegetation on vertical wall structures. 

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Green Walls

Living green walls are also mentioned as vertical gardens, living walls, or eco walls. Green walls consist of mainly two parts, a growing medium, and the plant base. 

The growing medium consists of the free-standing or attached wall system, that consist of a layer of growing medium to grow the intended plant over it. This wall system creates a growth medium consisting of soil, stone, and water. Hence, it is a built-in irrigation system.

An up-gradation to normal green walls is smart or active green walls that look similar to conventional green walls, but here the working features and control are performed by artificial intelligence and technology. 

A green wall can be constructed either indoors or outdoors. Based on the environment it is exposed to, the type of plants used for growing varies. The figure above shows an indoor green wall construction. 

The irrigation line to provide water, and collect excess water is provided in this system. A water pump is provided behind the green wall system to provide regular watering to the plants.

Components of Green Walls

As mentioned in the structure of green walls, a typical green wall arrangement is composed of the following elements:

  1. Plants: The types of plants used for green walls are dependent on whether it is used indoors or outdoors. For example, for interior green walls, tropical plants are used. Plants like vines, ferns,, or climbers. Exterior green walls can use plants like sedums, hardy vines, and climbers.
  2.  Modular Panel System: This system is used to contain the roots and the growing medium. 
  3. Irrigation system: Integrated drip irrigation systems and related controls are provided.
  4. Control Basin: A control basin is used to control water runoff.
  5. Structural Support System: A strong and stable structural support system is provided to support all the above-mentioned components.

Benefits of Green Walls

The benefits of green walls are:
  1. Living green walls purify the air of the space.
  2. It helps increase the feeling of well being
  3. Green walls help reduce the ambient temperature of the space.
  4. It also acts as perfect noise insulation.
  5. It helps reduce stress and increase the productivity of the occupants.
  6. They help provide longer residence time.
  7. They can add value to the brand

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