Bogue Compounds- Hydration Reactions

Chemical Composition of Cement

The basic chemical composition of cement is given in table 1. For convenience, they are given short forms as shown in the table. The significance of each compound is discussed in the following sections. These compounds are together called as bogue compounds.


Hydration of Cement

The addition of water results in the following chemical reaction. The process of the reaction of cement with water is the hydration of cement process. The reaction and their contribution to the performance of concrete are also explained.

Tricalcium aluminate + gypsum + water ---->  ettringite + heat Tricalcium silicate + water ---> calcium silicate hydrate + lime + heat Tricalcium aluminate + ettringite + water ---> monosulfate aluminate hydrateDicalcium silicates + water ---> calcium silicate hydrate + lime

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