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Repair of Building Foundation by Piers

The foundation repair by means of piling or piering involves the process of driving the steel pilings under the damaged foundation and lifting it. This lifting will hence recover the settlement caused in the foundation.
Piering for Foundation Repair
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Installation of Piers

The piers used can be:

  1. Push Piers
  2. Helical Piers
The push piers made of epoxy - coated steel pipe or galvanized steel pipe sections that are driven into the soil. This driving is performed with the help of hydraulic ram.

The helical piers make use of screw piles by means of steel shafts. One or more helixes will be attached to the lead section. This arrangement will help in increasing the bearing capacity. A hydraulic torque motor is used to screw the piers into the ground.

In the case of both the systems, the piers are driven into the soil or the rock near to the damaged foundation then the pier is connected to the foundation with the help of a metal head assembly.

To this piers, hydraulic jacks are attached thus the foundation is raised to the original foundation level. Once the required level is reached, the piles are either affixed by means of a bolts/welds tot he walls brackets. This hence locks the new elevation. 

Applications of Piers for Repair

The pier can be used in the foundation repair of:
  1. Patios
  2. Decks
  3. Porches
  4. Hot Tub
  5. Prefabricated Buildings

Advantages of Piers in Foundation Repair

  1. Cheap: Less than 10 times the cost for replacement of the foundation
  2. No destruction of yard
  3. No need for heavy equipment
  4. The equipment used is portable
  5. The remedy for settlement in a single step
  6. No chance of disruption
  7. Normal use of building even after construction


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