We are aware of the network analysis CPM (Critical Path Method) and PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique). Here, we will discuss the objectives and the applications of PERT and CPM.


Objectives of PERT and CPM Analysis

The main objectives are:
  1. A powerful coordinating tool for planning, scheduling and controlling of projects
  2. The minimization of total project cost and time
  3. Effective utilization of resources and minimization of effective resources
  4. Minimization of delays and interruption during the implementation of the project.

Applications of Network Analysis (PERT and CPM)

  1. Research and Development Project (R and D Projects)
  2. Equipment Maintenance and hauling
  3. Construction Projects (Buildings, bridges, and Dams)
  4. Setting up new industries
  5. Planning and launching of new products
  6. Design of plants, machines, and systems  
  7. Shifting the manufacturing location to another location
  8. Control of production in large shops
  9. Market penetration programs
  10. The organization of big programs, conferences etc.
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