How to Construct a Reinforced Cement Concrete Column (R.C.C Column)?

The construction of a reinforced concrete column (R.C.C Column) involves mainly 4 steps. This includes column layout preparation, column reinforcement work, column formwork and Concrete Pouring into the formwork. We will discuss each step in detail in the below section.

How to Construct a Reinforced Cement Concrete Column (R.C.C Column)?

Concrete Column Construction Steps

The steps included in the construction of reinforced concrete column are:
  1. Column Layout Preparation
  2. Column Reinforcement Works
  3. Column Formwork Preparation
  4. Concrete Pouring
  5. Formwork Removal
  6. Concrete Column Curing

1. Column Layout Preparation

In this stage, grid lines are drawn through the building plan and the location of columns are marked on the plan. The same arrangement is followed on the site, where ropes are used to represent the gridlines in the actual building plan gridlines. The final location of the column is related to the arrangement of the ropes.

Fig.1.Column Gridline Layout - Building Plan

2. Column Reinforcement Works

Once the location of the columns is made and marked on the ground, the next step is to prepare the column reinforcement. The details of column reinforcement i.e. The cross-section of the column, the number of longitudinal bars, the number of lateral ties(Stirrups), the spacing, tie bars, etc are obtained from the structural drawing of the respective column.
Generally, the reinforcement details are specified as:

C1 - 12#16mmФ and Stirrup-10mm @ 4'' c/c

3. Column Formwork

After making the reinforcement cage, it is enclosed within a form or so-called molds in order to support the poured concrete. These forms or molds have to be supported until the shuttering process ( removal of forms). The arrangement used to support these form structures are called as formworks. It can be a simple form like a reinforced cardboard tube or very complex forms like the use of many pieces of wood and metal.
Fig.1. Column Formwork; Image Courtesy: Kwik Column - RMD Kwikform 

4. Concrete Pouring

Machine mix concrete is mainly preferred for small quantity concrete pouring works. For large quantity works, ready mix concrete is employed. The concrete must not be poured at a height not more than 5 feet. This consideration will make a choice between different concrete pouring procedures.

5. Formwork Removal of Concrete Column

The time of removal of formwork for concrete column members ranges from 24 to 48 hours. This is mainly dependent on the:
  • Type of Concrete
  • Quality of material used
  • The temperature
  • Curing conditions
  • Exposure conditions

6. Curing

Concrete column once after the shuttering process is cured for a period of 7 days which helps in acquiring a strength 50 percent greater than uncured concrete.

Fig.3.Concrete Column Curing

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