How to Choose a Contractor for Building Remodelling?

Home renovation or remodeling itself is a messy and stressful project. It becomes more stressful if we don't allot the work to a  non-trusty contract professional. The contractor is the one who dismantles everything in your house by taking money from you. How complex be the renovation project, for proper working and finishing of the project it is necessary to have a peaceful cooperation between the contractor and the owner.
How to choose a contractor for Building construction?
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We will discuss some major tips to follow while choosing a contractor for you renovation project.

1. Contractor Reference and Recommendations

Ask your relatives, their friends, work colleagues about any contractors they knew about. Obviously, you might not be the only one who is doing renovation works. There might be people in your circle who have done renovation before. Take a recommendation from them. Enlist then in your list.

2. Surf Web and Area

Now, start your way of searching by surfing net and checking out contractors in your circle. This way you will get a complete knowledge on whether you must choose a single contractor for the whole work or you need to divide for different areas of the room. This is explained in the next point.

3. Number of Contractors

Say, if you have both structural and non-structural works for your house, some contractor are good at performing structural works. Structural works are those related to the strength and durability of the building. Now, if you also require non-structural works like interior finishing, decors and aesthetic works , then there are contractors proficient in the same. But the case is different when we get contractor who does both efficiently.

4. Study the Contractors

As I mentioned in the above point, you must have a clear picture on what all you must do to your home. Decide about the structural and non-structural you will have in your house. You need not mention to enlist it in pure engineering language. But in a way to communicate to the contractor.
After fixing the objective of the contractor, study each contractor on what all works they have gone through. Either visit their website or ring a call or go visit their office to get a picture. 

How to Interview the Contractor?

  1. How long have you been in this profession?
  2. A site visit or pictures of the work he have done?
  3. The square feet rate of his work?
  4. Material procurement source - If he delivers the material or if the owner has to deliver it directly?
  5. About his license and permit?
All the 5 questions above must be asked to all the contractors you have enlisted. You need not specifically ask him about structural and non-structural works, as you will get an idea on this when you observe his work directly or through picture.
Now go home and make a brief about every contractors you have studied and strike off every one who haven't met your requirements. Now filter it. Hopefully you will get three or 4 contractor in your final list.

5. Ask Contractors to Visit your Home

Ask every finalized contractors to visit your home ( renovation project) and tell your queries and ask him for a quote. If you are planning to do structural works by one contractor and the interior spacing with another one, there are two recommendations:
  1. You can make both of the contractor meet and do the works in favor of both so that the interior works moves smoothly.
  2. Or you can finish off the structural works , plastering and say bye to the contractor. And then Call the next contractor for interior finish.
The advantage of first method is that the structural contractor can perform works that favors the second contractor to perform interiors. This not only saves time and efficiency but also cost.
The second method is followed, if we find both contractors may have some sort of ego issues and communication problems. To avoid conflicts, the second method is chosen. But with a guarantee that you too look the work of first contractor and monitor whether it cooperates with the second one.
It might feel tough or hard when you realize that you have 30 to 40% contribution on your home remodeling. 
But this case is entirely simple if you have a contractor who is the best and you have experienced his live projects.
Hope you have got an idea on Choosing the contractor.

I am a structural engineer and I have enlisted all the possible issues I have faced during my home construction. For more your queries please mail me. As a appreciation, if you like this article please follow and share. This encourages me to write more.


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