What are the General Tests on Mortar?

 The general tests on mortar are:

  1. Adhesive test on Mortar
  2. Crushing Strength test on Mortar
  3. Tensile Strength Test  on Mortar

1. Adhesive test on Mortar

To test the adhesive capacity of the mortar with the building units, two bricks are placed one over the other at right angles to each other. The mortar is placed to join them. This will form a horizontal joint. 

The upper brick is suspended from an overhead support and the weights are attached to the lower brick.

The weights are increased till the brick separates. 


Ultimate Adhesive Strength = Maximum Load/Area of Contact

Adhesive Test on Mortar: Image Courtesy: www.civilengineeringx.com

2. Crushing Strength Test on Mortar

A sample of brick work with specified dimensions is taken and loaded under compression testing machines.

The test is applied till the failure occurs due to crushing.

The ultimate crushing strength is calculated as;

Ultimate crushing strength of mortar = Maximum load/ Cross-sectional Area

3. Tensile Strength Test on Mortar

 Tensile Strength of Cement | The Construction Civil

Briquette moulds are used to test tensile strength of mortar. After curing the briquettes are tested in a tension testing machine.

Ultimate tensile stress = Load at Failure/ Cross-Sectional Area [ At the Central Portion]

Photos. AASHTO T132 setup including (a) test grips and (b) specimen. (a) shows the AASHTO T132 test grips without a specimen. (b) shows a closeup of the specimen in the grips during a test.

This test method, described in AASHTO T132, normally involves the direct tension testing of a small briquette cast from cement mortar

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