Batch Concrete Mixers - Features, Types and Uses

Batch mixers are concrete mixer types into which the concrete ingredients are mixed and discharged periodically, one batch after the other. It is one of the most commonly used types of concrete mixer. The drum of a batch mixer consists of blades or baffles that are fitted within it.

The quality and consistency of concrete produced in a batch or drum mixer is dependent on the rotation speed and the angle of rotation of the rotation axis.

Types of Batch Mixers

The different types of batch concrete mixers are:
  1. Concrete Drum Mixers
  2. Pan type mixers

Concrete Drum Mixers

The concrete drum mixers are classified into:
  1. Tilting mixers
  2. Non-tilting mixers
  3. Reversing Drum Mixers
Tilting mixers consist of a conical or bowl-shaped drum with vanes inside the drum. These mixers are more preferred for a concrete mix which require low workability and mix with large aggregates. The drum is tilted for discharging the mixture.

Non-tilting mixers as the name says are not allowed to tilt and the axis of the mixer is always horizontal. A chute is inserted into the drum, or the direction of the drum is reversed or the drum is split, in order to discharge the concrete.

Reversing concrete mixers are non-tilting mixers that come with a reversing arrangement. Here, as mentioned above, the rotation direction of the concrete in the drum mixer is reversed so the discharge is taken in opposite direction.

Pan-Type Mixers

A pan-type concrete mixer consists of a cylindrical pan that contains a set of blades that facilitates, the mixing of concrete ingredients. Here, the discharge is taking place at the bottom of the pan.

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