Significance of PERT (Program Evaluation & Review Technique) & CPM (Critical Path Method) in Project Management

PERT (Program Evaluation & Review Technique) & CPM (Critical Path Method) are two popular project management network techniques widely used in construction, production, and industrial management. 

The popularity of these network techniques in project management is due to their significance in making project work easy. The significance of using PERT and CPM in project management are:

1. Easy Understanding of Complex Project

The use of network diagrams using PERT or CPM helps to translate any complex project into a set of simple and logically arranged activities. It would help project managers and team members to get clarity of thoughts and actions. They facilitate clear and unambiguous communication from top to bottom of the organization, to all the individuals responsible for the execution of the project.

2. Detail Analyses of Project to Forecast Future

The project is analyzed in detail using PERT/CPM networks. This helps the project in charge to find the probable future of the project. This analysis helps to identify the possible difficulties and problems expected to arise during the course of the project. 
The analysis also helps to minimize delays and hold-ups caused during the course of the project, which can also be minimized. Corrective action at the required time can be taken.

3. Finding Important and Critical Activities

The network method helps identify the activities that control the project completion and isolate it. 
This would help to have expeditious completion of the project.

4. Division of Responsibilities

PERT and CPM techniques divide responsibilities among the individuals and enhance effective coordination among the different levels of the organization.

5. Resource Planning

PERT and CPM help to allocate resources in a timely basis to the various activities so that optimal utilization of resources is achieved.

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