How to Identify Serious Wall Cracks?

Cracked observed in the building walls can resemble either a simple correction issue or a large in-built structural problem. If problematic structural cracks are not addressed quickly it can devalue the property and result in structural failures.

How to Identify Serious Wall Cracks
Wall Cracks- Image Courtesy: Arizona Foundation Solution

What are the Cracks that Indicate Structural Problem?

Larger cracks in the walls with following characteristics indicates that the property is weak:

  1. When one side of the wall is higher than the other.
  2. When the doors and windows do not close tightly within the frame
  3. When the cracks are wider than 5 mm or half centimeter

Where does Serious Cracks Start to Occur in Wall?

In general cases, serious cracks in walls are observed starting from the corners of the windows and doorways. Small hairline cracks are not a concern. 

What are the Causes of Large Wall Cracks?

The following causes large wall cracks:
  1. The foundation of the building has lost strength or has undergone shrinking.
  2. Settlement of the Building
All these happen due to variations in the moisture of the soil beneath the structure.

How to Fix Large Wall Cracks?

Before starting to do any remedial option, always diagnose the issue by approaching a structural engineer. Let him investigate and identify the issue. The best solution for such building-level change cracks is to lift re-level and re-support the home. The process is also called "underpinning".

Underpinning Procedure-HLN Engineering
Underpinning Procedure-HLN Engineering

After the process, the crack comes closer and the marks are filled and patched. After proper correction, the windows and the doors start to work properly.

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