How to Remove Rust from Reinforcement Bars Using Wire Brush?

Improper storage and maintenance of reinforcement bars results in corrosion and rust over the reinforcement. Rust occurs in reinforcement bars when it comes in contact with the atmospheric oxygen and moisture. The process is natural oxidation, whose rate increases if it is not prevented.

How to Remove Rust from Reinforcement Bars
Rebars with Rust

Rusting or corrosion is a slow degradation of the metal. Identification and removal of this issue at early stages helps to save the reinforcement bars.

The procedure to remove rust from reinforcement bars are explained in this article.

Procedure to Remove Rust From Reinforcement Bars

 Wire Brushing
  1. Wear gloves and goggles to protect the hands and eyes from harming your eyes from shards of rust.
  2. Take a wire brush and start brushing the rebars, until all the rust is removed.
  3. Take a steel wool to rub the rust in the congested area of the rebars.
  4. Rinse the rebar with clean water to remove rust completely and allow it to dry thoroughly.

A little rust is common in reinforcement bars and increase bond with the concrete. Higher amount of rust is undesirable and requires cleaning.

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