Cool Bricks - A Building Cooling System

Cool bricks are three dimensional porous ceramic bricks that produce a cooling effect around the space using evaporative cooling effect. The porous ceramic bricks together interlock to form a 3D lattice effect. The porous material absorbs water which is released during the entry of outside warm air into the lattice.

Cool Bricks in Construction

A California -based studio that research on the innovation in the 3D printing of architectural and building components are the developers of cool bricks. The objective of cool bricks is to contribute as a technology that optimizes the cooling performance and durability of the building.

Evaporative Cooling System in Cool Bricks

The principle of evaporating cooling system in cool bricks was an ancient technology that was used as far as 2500 B.C. The process involves the addition of water vapour into the air, that would finally result in the lowering of air temperature. In ancient time, this principle was used by using porous ceramic vessels in desert environment to cool the water by evaporation through their walls. Hence, the cooling brick system mimics the effect of water-filled ceramic vessels.

Evaporative Cooling  System in Cool Bricks

When air passes through the lattice structure of the brick, the water held within the micro-pores evaporates which would bring cold air into the interior environment. This lowers the outside temperature through the process of evaporative cooling.

Structure of Cool Bricks

The cool bricks have a porous and lattice-like ceramic brick structure which is 3D printed. These system are modular units with strong interlocking arrangements that would create a strong bond with mortar during construction. They absorb water into their micro-pores and gives a sponge like effect.

The shape of the brick is designed such a way that it maximize the proportion of the surface that is shaded from the sun thus maximizing the cooling performance. These brick when stacked together finally act as an effective screen.

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Advantages and Applications of Cool Bricks in Building Construction

The cool brick make use of low cost materials and is produced easily, which make a good solution for providing comfortable indoor environment during dry, hot climates in countries like Middle East and Western Australia.

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