Project to Watch in 2021- Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium, England- A Timber Revolution?

The Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium will be designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, which will be the centerpiece of Euro 100 million Eco Park Development. 

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Zaha Hadid Architects have been selected to design the new home for Forest Green Rovers. It is the Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, GL6 0FG, England. Its not just a new stadium, but an important addition for the community. The intention of the architects is to bring the construction with new design techniques, with new design approaches to build more ecologically sustainable and inclusive architecture.

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The stadium designs considers the club's future growth. It was initially made for 5000 spectators, which later increased to 10,000 with the club's expansion from phase 1 to phase 2 with much cost.

Features of Forest Green Rovers Eco Park Stadium, England

  1. Stadium will be the centerpiece, creating a new public realm for both recreational and occupational uses. This enables the entire site to contribute not only doing the match days but also every day of the year.

    Image Courtesy: Zaha Hadid Architects (

  2. The new design, retains and enhance the existing meadow landscape of the site.
  3. The construction uses low carbon methods and operational processes. It will be the first all timber football stadium with all elements of sustainability including its structure, roof cantilevers and louvered cladding.
  4. The building material is purely timber which is highly durable, recyclable and beautiful. The seating terrace and flor slab will be made out of timber, which for other structures are made out of steel or concrete.
  5. The stadium roof is covered with transparent membrane that helps turf growth, minimise dark shadows for players and fans. It reduce the volumetric impact of the stadium from distant views in the surrounding landscape.
  6. The stadium is carbon neutral, which involves the provision of on-site renewable energy generation.

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