Glass Bricks - Features & Advantages

Glass bricks or glass block are brick units made out of glass in several textures and designs. They are made of translucent glass that allow light to pass through it without compromising the privacy. Glass brick is a versatile building material that came into style in 2020s and is gaining high popularity in residential building. 

Glass bricks help shower natural light in abundance to the space. Many other advantages make it an essential element for different architectural styles along with other brick types. 

Glass bricks are used in flooring, façade, partition walls and many more applications.

Classification of  Glass Bricks

Glass bricks are manufactured in any shape and size, with a thickness ranging between 2 and 3 inches. They are made with different translucence depending on the application, by altering the colors and textures to the desired level.

These varied textures and colors make the glass brick interact with the light differently. Based on which, there are several types of glass bricks, like:

  1. Clear glass bricks
  2. Wave glass bricks
  3. Diamond glass bricks
  4. Quadra glass bricks

Applications of Glass Bricks

  1. Façade construction using glass bricks
  2. Glass pavers for flooring
  3. Interiors
  4. Landscaping

Glass Brick Pavers

Advantages of Glass Bricks in Building Construction

  1. Hollow structure of glass brick provide great heat insulation
  2. Energy saving as it provides heat insulation
  3. Reduce noise
  4. Properly installed glass brick provides safe barriers
  5. Maintenance free
  6. Can be used internally or externally
  7. No painting required
  8. Fast and easy installation
  9. Easy assembly
  10. Excellent finish
  11. Transmit 80 % light
  12. Fireproof
  13. Cost Effective

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