Modular Acoustic Screens for Construction Sites

Modular acoustical panels or screens are pre-engineered panel units that are configured and assembled into a variety of structures. These controls excessive noise in industrial, commercial, institutional, and community environments.

Modular Acoustic Screens for Construction Sites

Image Credits: AcoustiSorb™ | Noise Absorption Wall Panels | ModularWalls

An acoustic wall panel is a sound-absorbing panel that is employed to mitigate noise and reduce acoustic issues faced in space. It plays an important role in mitigating the background noise, reverberation, and echo in an area. 

Modular acoustical panels are known in the market as acoustic boards, baffles, or simply sound screens. These are used in studios, meeting rooms, offices even industrial spaces. They are available in vertical and horizontal panels. It comes in various forms to fit different applications in the construction industry.

Features of Modular Acoustic Screens or Screens

These are custom-designed noise wall Screens to meet the toughest noise pollution challenges. This is a lightweight and robust design technology which is suitable for roads and rail corridors as well as business units that employ large-scale generators, HVAC units, and heavy machinery.

AcoustiSorb is an acoustic wall panel brand that is made out of aluminum, whose perforated face enhances the ability of the core material to absorb the sound waves and brings the NRC rating to a range of 0.9.

It helps to improve the resilience, and durability of walls to a minimum of 50 years and avoids the use of exterior rendering or finishing. 

Depending on the technology and sound absorption capability, the core material of the wall can be changed along with the thickness. It is all based on increasing the density to improve the sound mitigating ability.

The use of recycled plastics for the manufacture of modular acoustic wall units is also a sustainable solution to mitigate noise pollution.

Some important brands that provide modular acoustic sound wall screens are:

1. enosiecontrol

2. Acoustisorb

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