Manufacture of Bricks for Masonry Construction

Brick is made from clay or shale. The collection of raw materials to the final molding of the clay to brick involves different stages of the process. The manufacture of brick for masonry construction comprises of 5 major steps:

Selection of SitePreparation of Brick EarthMolding of BricksDrying of BricksBurning of Bricks We will discuss each step one by one in detail.
1. Selection of Site The site selected for the manufacture of the brick must involve the following considerations: The site must have quality sand and clay for the manufacture of the brick.The water table of the site must be at least 1m below the level of the kiln floor.The site must have sufficient and suitable clay for the manufacture of the required quantity of the clay.The site must have good access to transportation. 2. Preparation of Brick Earth The preparation of brick earth involves the following major steps: UnsoilingDiggingCleaningWeatheringGrindingBlendingTempering For a quick view, the preparation of steps is ta…

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