What is Concrete Flatwork??

Concrete flatwork is a common choice for the installation of garages and basements or any other flat surfaces. This is less expensive when compared with the stone or the brick masonry. This method will provide a variety of options and have good expertise in finishing, thus make the surface aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete Flatwork

Any Poured surface that has mobility along a horizontal plane is called as concrete flatwork. The surfaces that come under this category are patios, foundations, driveways, walkways, sidewalks and any other flat surface.

The perfect material for having a flatwork is concrete, due to its perfectly flat and the even surface. 

Design Considerations in Concrete Flatwork

All the concrete flatwork are not installed in a similar pattern. Keeping the structural integrity and design function constant, the method will vary.

If we require a premium quality concrete flatwork, we will require:

  • Ø Precisely Mixed Aggregates
  • Ø Rapid Delivery of Mix
  • Ø Proper Curing
  • Ø Application is Delicate giving durable finish

If different methods are employed, different finish will be obtained. Indoor environment will require smoothly finished concrete flatwork. The smooth concrete has chances to slip when wet. For exterior flatwork, brush-textured concrete can be employed.

Fig.2. Concrete Flatwork for Landscaping

The concrete flatwork will require more finishing procedures other than the strength and the safety concerns. A warm, inviting effects can be made out of concrete with the help of decorative concrete contractors. The concrete driveway can be finished and dyed so that it replicates a stone driveway.

Problems with Your Concrete Flatwork

If your concrete flatwork is facing the below-mentioned problems, it can be dealt with some of the suggestions.

  1.  Dirty or stained concrete issues: The issues of dirt or hard stains on your concrete way can be removed by using a power washer or a combination of baking soda + vinegar + washing powder. The surface can be sealed against the spills.
  2. Broken or cracked edges: The cracks or chipping can be caused due to impact or erosion. If the crack is small it can be fixed by sealing.
  3. Cracked or chipped concrete: If you observe fissure openings in the surfaces do take the case seriously and consult a contractor to inspect and take the measures.
  4. Flaking Concrete: Breaking away of the concrete is not a good sign. This may be caused due to concrete pouring during a cold weather
  5. Settling: This is a common cause, where the soils will shift up and down over the time. Concrete flatwork will be designed for strength but not to have the flexibility to the extreme. Smaller shifts are not an issue. Large ones will damage the concrete

This is a serious and expensive issue. Most of the cases, repair is not the good choice.


The concrete flatwork cannot be considered as a weak home improvement technique. All that it requires is careful design and installation similar to a countertop or a floor covering.

Having a good concrete finish and design for the flatwork will enhance the quality of installation and the location.

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