How to Calculate Cement Required for Floor Tiling?

The estimation of quantity of cement required to install the floor tile can be calculated by fixing the following data:

1. The Mix ratio of the Cement Mortar

2. The thickness of the Mortar Layer

3. The Area of Floor to Install the Tile

Let us explain this problem by a simple Example

How to Calculate Cement Required for Floor Tiling

Calculation of Cement for Floor Tiles for 100Sq.ft Area

Consider the given details:

1. Area of Floor Tiling = 100Sq.ft

2. The Mortar Mix Ratio = 1:3

3. The Thickness of Mortar Layer = 1.5inches = 1.5/12 ft = 0.125ft

The steps involved are:

STEP 1: Calculation of Wet Volume of Cement Mortar

Wet Volume Vw       = Area of Floor Tiling x Thickness of Mortar

                                    = 100 x 0.125

Vw       = 12.5 Cubic. Feet

Dry Volume of Cement Mortar (Vd)=  33% increase in Wet Volume

Vd                               = Vw + 33% (Vw)

Vd                               = 1.33Vw

Vd                               = 1.33 x 12.5

Vd       = 16.625 Cubic Feet

STEP 2: Calculation of Cement from Mortar Mix Ratio

The mix ratio             = Cement: Sand = 1:3

Sum of proportion   = 1+3 = 4


Volume of Cement  =[¼] x 16.625 = 4.16 Cubic Feet

Provide 20% extra for adhesion and coating properties.


20% extra cement = 0.20 x 4.16 = 0.832Cubic Feet

Then, the total volume of cement = 4.16 + 0.832 = 4.99Cubic Feet

Step 3: Calculate No: of Bags of Cement for 100Sqft Floor Tiling

1 bag of cement =  1.226 Cubic Feet

No: of bags for 4.99 Cubic Feet = 4.99/1.226 = 4 Nos



The quantity of cement required for 100Sq,ft floor tiling = 4.99Cubic Feet

The no: of bags of cement required for 100Sq.ft floor tiling = 4 Number






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