How to Choose Between Different Cement Brands?

 Selection of materials for any construction material is a challenging process. The material selection decides the quality of product and the project. Cement, being the most common and major building material used in construction, its fail to give quality would affect the construction quality.

In this article we will discuss some important questions that must be answered to finally choose the best cement brand for the construction project.

Cement Brand Selection

Some homework we must perform before buying cement are

  1. Selection of Type of Cement
  2. The Applications of Cement
  3. Brand of Cement
  4. Availability of the Cement

Selection of Type of Cement

There are several types of cement used in the construct. In terms of strength, they can be 33, 43 and 53 grade cement. In terms of composition, they can be either Portland cement , pozzolana cement and Portland slag cement.

Applications of Cement

An OPC 53 grade cement is recommended for footings, columns, beams and slabs. The pozzolana and slag cements are used for general construction works likes tiling works, masonry, plaster works.

Hence, same cement cannot be used for all the application. Higher grades are used for works that require higher initial and ultimate strength.

Brand of Cement

There are huge number of good brands available in the market. This creates confusion among the customers to choose the best. Some of the major brands are Ultra tech, ACC, Ambuja and Jaypee. 

Hence, the deciding factor is the cost they charge for the products. In most cases, the selection of brand is considered on which is easily available to the construction site. This is decided by taking into consideration, the transportation, the requirement and objectives.

Availability of Cement

The cement brand you have selected for your project must be available throughout the project. Different stages of construction project requires different types of cement, its substitutes and availability of local brands. These concerns would empower one to choose the right cement for your work.

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