What is Augmented Reality (AR) Flooring?

Augmented reality (AR) flooring is a special application of augmented reality where virtual objects are placed on the floor to give cool visual effects. This technology has various applications in the field of gaming zones, flooring markets and  other interior design applications.

Augmented Reality floors can be used to simulate snow, pebbles, grass or water waves while walking over it. The researchers at Canada’s McGrill University developed an idea of floor tiles that would sense vibrations of the movements and simulate snow, grass, sand and myriads.

AR flooring app can help the building remodelers, sellers, buyers to choose the right tile for the floor by virtually applying to the space, without directly visiting the site. An unlimited choices of tiles can be explored conveniently and quickly.

AR flooring technology can help to estimate the correct number of floor tiles required for the floor. This would reduce the total estimation time and wastage of money. 

Augmented reality is deployed for factory floors that have an important role in improving safety, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

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