How to Fix a Hole in Concrete Floor?

Holes in concrete floors can be caused due to remodeling activities or due to sudden impact action of a heavy object. Usually, the removal and rearrangement of plumbing fixtures leaves undesirable holes on the concrete floor surface which needs quick fix to proceed with further works like painting or tiling. 

How to Fix a Hole in Concrete Floor?
Holes in Concrete Floors

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The concrete holes can be fixed easily with a good concrete mix and a few handy tools so that it blends with the surrounding concrete slab.

Step 1: Preparation of the Hole

  1. Once the hole to be corrected is spotted, the next step is to prepare the hole by undercutting them with a cold chisel and hammer. 
  2. Slightly tape the lower portion of the hole, so that the fresh concrete poured won't rise up.
  3. Use a wire brush to remove the chipping debris and to brush the rough edges. A wet-dry vacuum can be used to vacuum the residual debris.
  4. Wet the inner surfaces of the hole
  5. Install a sand base on the hole. The level of sand must be 3 inches below the surface of the slab. Tamp down the sand by hand and moisten it with little water.

Step 2: Filling the Hole With Concrete

  1. Apply a concrete bonding liquid at the rough edges of the concrete hole using a utility paintbrush.
  2. Buy a mortar mix that is intended for repair work to facilitate proper bonding with the existing concrete. Now mix the mortar using the prescribed water and start applying it on the corners and against the edges. Later, start filling the hole completely, leaving some material mounded on top.
  3. Using a straight-edge board  ( longer the width of the hole), level the patch by moving back and forth in a sewing motion. 
  4. Allow the fresh mortar to cure enough to start the finishing work using a steel trowel. You can start troweling when the indentation of the finger remains.
  5. Use swirling strokes to trowel instead of straight strokes. Steel trowel is best to give a very smooth surface.
  6. If the surface needs to be textured, use a damp broom over it.
  7. Give a curing time of 24 hours before walking over it.

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