Who is a Civil Engineer? Roles and Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer?

A civil engineer is a professional who is responsible for creating, improving and protecting the environment. They carry out the process of planning and overseeing new construction requirements and rebuilding as well as maintenance.

Two important aspects of the civil engineering field are:

  1. Consulting Engineering
  2. Contracting Engineering

Consulting Engineering

In Consulting engineering, civil engineering consultants design a particular project.

Contracting Engineering

In contracting to engineer, civil engineers manage the physical construction and play a significant role in converting the proposed design into practical forms. They mainly undergo the project and construction management at the site.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer?

The main roles and responsibilities of a civil engineer are:

  1. Responsibility of Construction Site
  2. Responsibility of Technical Activities
  3. Responsibility of developing reports and Schedules
  4. Responsibility for following health and safety at the site
  5. Responsibility for following Quality Assurance
  6. Responsibility for being a good team leader
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