What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a high-tech modeling process that provides architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals a platform to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage the buildings and infrastructure. BIM is a 3D modeling process that helps AEC professionals conduct a more collaborative, automated and successful way of working.

What is BIM

BIM works based on a 3D model which allows the owners and the stakeholders to to take control over the operation and management of the building. They take decisions based on the data and information derived from the 3D model , even after the construction of the building.


Initially, the building information was expressed through blueprints and drawings. This 2D information is was difficult to visualize. After which CAD ( Computer Aided Design) takes its place which helps the drafters to visualize the building in the digital environment. Later CAD turned to 3D to bring more realistic visuals and blueprints. Now, BIM has set its standards for more than just 3D modeling.

Objects of BIM

The major objects comprising a BIM system are:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Geometry
  3. Data Storage
If any of the elements mentioned above undergoes some change, it is reflected in the model and the changes are updated. Hence, the model remain consistent and coordinated throughout the entire process of the projects. This way the engineers, designers , project managers and contractors work in a collaborative environment.
The true power of BIM lies in the 'I' - Information. The data and information taken from the concept and completion are not only stored but also put into action. The data serves the following purpose:
  • The design is expressed from the office to field.
  • The knowledge is improved from stakeholder to stakeholder.
  • Reduces change orders
  • Reduce field coordination issue
  • Provide insights about existing building for renovation projects.

Sharing BIM Information

A mutually accessible online space called the common data environment (CDE) is used to share the BIM model. This space also shares the related data and information in the form of an "Information model". 
The information model can be used in all stages of life starting from inception to its operation. It can be even used for renovation and renewals.

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