Ultimate Tips to Prevent Crazing in Concrete

Concrete crazing is a non-structural crack that do not affect concrete strength and durability. It gives an unpleasant surface appearance and affects any further finishing procedures, if we are planning to end the surface as such without any tiling. To read more on causes and how to repair concrete crazing click here>>.

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Let's discuss the top prevention methods for concrete crazing cracks:

How to Prevent Crazing in Concrete Surface?

  1. Before placing the concrete, make sure the subgrade, the formwork are all damp that it do not absorb water from the concrete placed. 
  2. Avoid the use of rich mixes not more than 1: 3.
  3. Employ a lower water-cement ratio.
  4.  Use a moderate slump for the mix between 80 to 100 mm. When using higher slump, check for bleeding or segregation issues. Bleeding can be reduced by air entrainment.
  5. Avoid over vibration of concrete to prevent bleeding or segregation.
  6.  Do not sprinkle dry cement  (overseeding) to absorb the bleeding water. Instead, remove it by running a garden hose over the surface and finish the surface by making sure that there is no water on its  surface
  7.  Immediate curing procedure must be followed after the construction of concrete or mortar surface. It can be done by flooding methods, or covering with damp burlap for a minimum of 3 days or spraying water until curing period. If not, a curing compound must be applied.

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