Aluminum Click-on Cladding System For Building Exterior

Aluminum Click-on Cladding System For Building Exterior, Sculptform, 

Sculptform, Australia have developed a non-combustible metal cladding that is a new technology of click-on cladding system which possess the following unique features compared to traditional cladding system:

  1. Click on method is used to fix the cladding over the surface unlike traditional screw fixings
  2. Material used is Extruded Australian Aluminum
  3. Installation is easy and fast
  4. Non-combustible material best for exterior applications
  5. Provide a high quality and robust system with low cost
  6. Requirements can be met based on the budget
  7. Curved surfaces are easily assembled using these cladding system
  8. Clean finish with trimmed edges are obtained
  9. Aluminum used is sustainable building material

Specifications of Click-on Cladding System, Sculptform

MaterialExtruded Australian Aluminium
Alloy / Temper6060 - T6
LengthsUp to 6.2m
Profiles / Sizes72x12mm Flat
150x12mm Flat
300x12mm Flat
75x15mm Flute
150x15mm Flute
60x15mm Double Flute
Mounting Track Span600mm for interior and exterior
Mounting TrackDiecast Aluminium (ADC12)
FireSculptform Aluminium achieves a Group 1 rating as per Section 9 (n) of AS 5637.1-2015, the determination of the group number is based on the AS/NZS 3837-1998 test, and is deemed valid in the cone calorimeter for the assignment of National Construction Code (NCC) group number.
CombustibilityThe material is NOT deemed COMBUSTIBLE according to the test criteria specified in Clause 3.4 of AS 1530.1-1994
Finishes AvailableAnodised, Powder coated, Wood Finish Aluminium, Real Timber Veneer

10 year manufacturer’s warranty for exteriors

15 year manufacturer’s warranty for interiors


Installation Method of Click-on Cladding System

Sculptform uses tongue and groove cladding methodologies along with their unique clip connections. Initially, the mounting tracks are placed to the substrate followed by pre-indexed clips set in locations to attach the cladding boards.

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