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What is Concrete Kicker? Features and Need

Concrete kicker is a step or small concrete plinth like structure constructed on the base of a column or shear wall before their concreting, to support their formwork. As shown in the figure-2 below, when column reinforcement is planned, the surface is flat ( surface of slab or roof) and there is no facility to support the formwork for the column. To facilitate this, concrete kickers are constructed as shown below. 

Fig.1. Column Kicker Formwork Around Column

Concrete kickers are commonly constructed for concrete columns and shear walls. It helps to ensure the coordinates of the structure to be casted are maintained uniformly throughout the structure. Concrete kickers are not the only method to support the base of formwork for columns or walls. There are other alternatives for column kickers.

Important Features of Concrete Kickers

Fig.2. Kicker For Wall Construction

  1. Concrete kickers are a concrete plinth of height 50 to 150 mm in height constructed around the column base of wall base to support their formwork, before the concrete pouring.

  2. Usually, a kicker of 75 mm thick is used if the kicker is poured integrally with the member below. A depth of 150 mm is used if the kicker is poured separately from the member below. Kickers greater than 200 mm depth is seldom used

  3. Kickers are treated as discrete structural members while pouring and not treated as discrete structural members. This means, they must not be treated with indifferent concrete. Use a proper concrete mix, compact and cure it similar to what was performed for before structures.

  4. Concrete kickers help to set out the alignment before concrete pouring and not after the pouring.

  5. Concrete kickers are casted either with the floor, pad or raft foundation

Fig.2. Column Kicker

Advantages of Having Concrete Kickers

  1. Column or wall alignment issues are observed, and fixed quickly

  2. The next stage construction is made easier

  3. Achieve better elevation control

  4. Simply the installation of formworks

  5. Enhance the construction quality

  6. Prevent movement of columns

Disadvantages of Having Concrete Kickers

  1. Demand same grade of concrete

  2. Column kicker construction is small area and demand small amount of concrete

  3. Inexperienced construction of kicker leads to error in cover and following construction

  4. Slows the process of concreting

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