How To Apply Popcorn Drywall Texture?

Popcorn drywall texture is a type of acoustic drywall texture that is applied to the ceiling of the building. It is also an alternative to hide any sort of drywall defects on the ceiling and the walls. 

Composition of Popcorn Drywall Texture

The popcorn drywall texture is applied by a mixture of:
  1. Water
  2. Chips of Polystyrene or the compound
Water is added to the polystyrene chips, so that the chips expands and when applied on the walls give a cheese or popcorn look. Styrofoam is also added to this mixture to give a puffy experience. 

The mixture can be either bought from the market or made by urself. For making, we need the regular drywall mix which is a combination of compound, water, bucket and a trowel. When bought from market, the cans shows the coverage rate from which we can estimate how much cans needs to be purchased.

Application of Popcorn Texture on Drywall

Due to the presence of "popcorn" like materials in the mixture, a spray gun with large nozzle is used to spray the mixture or mud on the drywall. Once applied, popcorn texture is very hard to remove. So, always think twice before applying it.

Materials Required to Popcorn Texture Drywall

  1. Popcorn texture mix
  2. Special Texture Sprayer
  3. Spackle
  4. Primer
  5. Roller
  6. PPE kit
  7. Airless Paint Sprayer

How to Get a Popcorn Texture For Drywalls?

The process of converting a plain drywall to a popcorn drywall involves the following processes:

1. Prepare the Drywall Surface

The drywall surface that needs popcorn drywall texture must be prepared by filling and patching any imperfections using a spackle. 
After this, apply a coat of primer with a roller and allow to dry it for a minimum of 4 hrs.

Cover all the walls that do not require texturing, floors, furniture with plastic sheets and drop clothes.

2. Application of Popcorn Texture on Drywall

Wear a PPE kit before applying popcorn texture. Mix the product that need to be applied. Use a big pail to mix the compound to get a nicely blended mix. The consistency of a thick porridge is what is desired.

Fill the spraying equipment used to spray the mud on the drywall and start the compressor. Before application, do a trial on a old piece of drywall, to check how it looks.

Now start spraying on the ceiling and keep moving the nozzle to avoid oversaturating the area where the mix is being applied. Apply thin coats

Apply multiple thin coats and give time for each coat to dry before the next coat. Do not apply in thick coats as it would result in peeling off.

After the texture is applied, and dried, it can be painted with required color.

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