Standardized Prescribed Concrete (SPC)| BS 8500-2

SPC or standard mixes of concrete are concrete that are defined list of concrete within BS 8500, that mentions the prescribed quantity of materials as per the British Standard.

SPC is usually mixed at the .site or obtained from a supplier with no quality standards.

The strength guaranteed by these mixes is, fair as they are the basic concrete mixes, as they are designed based on the assumed values contained within BS 8500. The types of SPC, their strength  , and their applications are mentioned in table below.

Type Of SPC


Strength 28 Days (N/Mm2)



Wet Lean Mix Concrete


Commercial & Domestic Projects – Structural & Non-Structural Applications

Kerb bedding




Drainage works



Versatile Mix


General and Housing Application – Ideal for un-reinforced foundations

un-reinforced strip footings

trench-fill foundations

some agricultural applications

drainage works

blinding house floors

pad foundations

non-structural mass concrete in non-aggressive (DC-1) ground conditions

footings for fence posts

infilling around manholes

small bases for external furniture, such as patios

mass concrete fill



Light Duty


Domestic applications & foundations

shed and workshop bases

foundations for large walls, garages, houses, and extensions

paving for patios

unreinforced bases and oversites for conservatories, garages, sheds, and greenhouses



Light Traffic


Domestic, agricultural, and industrial applications

garage floors (not designed as suspended and not reinforced)

shed and workshop bases

internal floor slabs (containing no embedded metal)

drain/channel bedding

benching to chambers



Light Traffic


domestic, commercial, and agricultural application

agricultural equipment stores

foundations for environmental barrier posts and planted lighting columns

foundations for traffic signposts

house and garage ground floor slabs fully or nominally reinforced, either ground bearing, suspended or over sub-floor voids


Mix Proportions for Standardized Prescribed Concrete

The mix proportions for standardized concrete as BS 8500-2: 2002 as per Table-10 are given below.


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