25 Types of Procurement Contracts

Procurement in construction is the process of purchasing goods or services to perform a construction project. Procuring a good or service is performed based on different strategies which are purely based on the type of construction organization. 

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Based on different routes through which a good or service is procured for a construction project, there are different types of procurement contracts. 

Types of Procurement Contracts in Construction

The various types of procurement contracts are:

Traditional Contracting: Lump-sum contracts, Re-measurable contracts, Cost reimbursement, or Cost Plus.
  1. Admeasurement Contract
  2. Construction Management
  3. Contracts Led 
  4. Design and Build
  5. Design Build Finance and Operate 
  6. Emerging Cost Contracts
  7. Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC)/Turnkey Contract
  8. Engineering Procurement and Construction Management Contract (EPCM)
  9. Fast-Tract Construction
  10. Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment (FF & E) Contract
  11. Framework Contract
  12. Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract
  13. Lump Sum Contract
  14. Management Contract
  15. Measured Term Contracts
  16. Measurement Contract
  17. Partnering Contract
  18. Prime Cost Contract
  19. Prime Contract
  20. Public Procurement
  21. Schedule of Rates Term Contract
  22. Self-Build Contract
  23. Single-Stage Tender
  24. Traditional Contract
  25. Two-Stage Tender Contract
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