550 Metres High Giant Ring to Surround Burj Khalifa

UAE's skyline, Burj Khalifa is to welcome a Downtown Circle which is a giant ring structure encompassing Burj Khalifa. This circle encloses downtown Dubai. 

The design was designed by Najmus Chowdary and Nils Remess of the Znera Space Architectural Firm. This new design give the Burj Khalifa and the nearby Downtown Area a very transformative appeal.

The design for Downtown Circle was originally an entry in a design competition launched by the Dubai Future Foundation.


Features of Burj Khalifa's Downtown Circle

  1. Downtown circle is a radical design concept developed by Znera Space; An architectural space based in  Dubai.
  2. Downtown circle is a 550 m high ring with a circumference of 3 km. 
  3. The downtown circle is made of 5 levels that would sit on 5 points or pillars that are embedded into the ground. 
  4. The whole circle is a combination of two main rings that are connected by means of a green belt called Skypark. 
  5. The Skypark of the downtown circle, connects the top and bottom ring floors vertically. This creates a connected 3D urban green eco-system.
  6. An idea for a tram on the outer perimeter ring is also included in the concept and drawings, which were created in collaboration with Poland-based visualizations studio Pictown.
  7. Twenty spacious pods traveling up to 100 kilometers per hour would transport passengers around the Downtown Circle while offering 360-degree views of the city. These suspended vessels, travel through a network of rail at the bottom tier to get to their destination.
Suspended Peripheral Pods to Transport Passengers from one node to another in Downtown Circles. 
Image Courtesy:  @pictown.co ; Architecture: @znera.space

Skypark in Burj Khalifa's Downtown Circle

The Skypark forms the lung of the Downtown Circle. It will have swamps, waterfalls, tropical vegetation, and various floras. 

The requirement of rainwater harvesting, solar power, and systems to store and filter carbon pollutants from the air will also be planned.

The Downtown Circle is not just an ambitious skyscraper structure to encounter the current growing urbanization, but a futuristics and sustainable design to address social boundaries and environmental issues. 


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