How China Built a 10-Storey in 28hrs? : Living Building System Technology

A 10 storey steel apartment building was constructed within a day in Changhsa city, China. The project was performed by a China-based enterprise Broad Group. The project team exactly took 28 hours and 45 minutes to fully construct the building, including all the building amenities. The whole structure was constructed following the concept of "Living Building System."

China Built a 10-Storey in 28hrs

Principle of Living Building System

The developers used modular units bolted together to form the 10-story structure within this short period. The Living Building System is a technology of prefabricated construction systems, where the self-contained modular units are assembled to finally form the whole structure. These modular units are already manufactured at the factory and bought at the construction site during the assembling state.

As modular units are constructed in bulk, the final dwelling units of the apartment have the same dimensions. As individual units, these modules look like a shipping containers. 

The slabs used for the structure are made out of steel that is 10 times lighter and 100 times stronger than the conventional slabs. 

Features of Living Building System

  1. The building is constructed using pre-fabricated containers that stack on top of one another
  2. The designers say the fast construction doesn't compromise the structural integrity
  3. Good option for cities looking for quick and cheap housing

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