How to Remove Rust From Reinforcement Bars Using High Pressure Water Get?

When rust is highly stick onto the rebars, it cannot be easily removed. Such cases we remove rust from rebars using wire mesh. To know how to remove rust from rebars using wire mesh, click here>>. 

If the corrosion of reinforcement bars is not that significant, then water jetting can be used to remove the rust that is just present in thin layers. In this method, high pressure water is constantly applied on to the rebars to remove the dust layer.

The process is conducted with utmost patience, so that you finally make sure that the rebars are rust ridden. 

Once the cleaning is completed, the rebars require close supervision after the rebars are dried. Presence of any rust is not identified when the rebars are wet.

If the cleaning is not completed by the first step, the process is repeated.

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