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 The UNIFORMAT II designates the American Standards of Testing Material - ASTM E1557-09 (2020), for the "Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework". This classification provides the classification of the building elements and the related site work for the particular building construction.

Classification of Building Elements 

The classification of building elements established in UNIFORMAT II serves as a consistent reference for analysis, evaluation, and monitoring stages during the feasibility, planning, and design stages of the building. 

Features of UNIFORMAT II - ASTM E1557-09(2020)

  1. The standard code enhances the consistency in the economic evaluation of the building project over time, from one project to another. 
  2. The format does not include specialized processed equipment, furnishings, equipment details involved in the project.
  3. The classification employs three hierarchical levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, and Level 4 to classify the building elements.
  4. The code employs inches-pounds as the standard units of measurement. No other units are used.
Note: Compare to the first UNIFORMAT, UNIFORMAT II takes into consideration a broader range of building types and categorizes the building elements as per the current building practice.

Classification of Building Elements as per UNIFORMAT II - ASTM E1557-09(2020)

The below table shows the classification of building elements as per UNIFORMAT II into three levels: 1,2, and 3. They are designated using alpha-numeric numbers. Level 4 includes the sub-elements of buildings, which are dealt with in a separate table in Appendix X1 of the UNIFORMAT II.

Reference: ASTM International 

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