Construction Equipment- Standard Equipment and Special Equipment

The construction equipment facilities the construction workspace and make the process more easy. The construction equipment can be classified mainly into two categories:

  1. Standard Equipment
  2. Special Equipment

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment is designed to meet the wide demand of the equipment users and to sell in large quantities at comparatively low prices. A standard machine is the result of years of experience and therefore had considerable reliability in operation.

Advantages of Standard Construction Equipment

  1. The initial investment in standard equipment is usually much less than in a more specialized machine.
  2. Standard Machines are easily procurable
  3. In cases of breakage, the shutdown period of the machine is comparatively short, because replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer.
  4. Since there are many users of the standard equipment the resale value of standard machinery is generally higher than that of more specialized machinery.
  5. Delivery of standard equipment may be obtained more quickly.
  6. The standard equipment may be used economically on more than one project.
  7. Standard equipment is disposed off more easily.
  8. Standard machines are readily adaptable to a variety of applications, such as shovels, convertible into a dragline.

Special Equipment

Special equipment is one that is manufactured for use on a single project or for a special type of operation. Such equipment may not be suitable or economical for use on another project. The initial investment in such equipment is comparatively high and there is a risk of loss of investment in the equipment when radical design changes occur or the character of demand changes.

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