The selection of construction equipment is one of the major problems the contractor faces when he plans to construct a project. Yet another frequent concern of the contractors and other users of construction equipment is about the sources of construction equipment, is about the sources of construction equipment, that is whether to purchase or rent equipment.

Factors Affecting Selection of Construction Equipment

The following factors should be considered while selecting equipment for a construction or excavation job.
  1. The equipment must pay for itself by earning more money for the buyer than it costs. Then only it should be purchased.
  2. Commonly manufactured "standard equipment" should be used as far as possible, unless the project justifies the use of special equipment.
  3. Before purchasing or using any "special equipment" detailed cost-benefit analysis should be done to justify its use.
  4. Records of equipment, previously used, should be studied as a guide, to arrive at the economics of the use of the equipment.
  5. Ultimate selection of the equipment should be based on technical and economic suitability of the process etc.