Classification of Stairs Based on Utility

Stairs can be classified based on the use they satisfy in a particular area. It can be classified into utility stairs, private stairs, protected stairs, general access stairs, common stair, and firefighting stairs.

The above-mentioned stair types are briefly explained in this article.

1. Utility Stair

A utility stair is the type of stair that serves the purpose of escaping, access for maintenance and for the requirement other than usual route between different floor levels on a daily basis.

2. General Access Stair

It is used to serve the purpose of the general movement for all the users of the building on a daily basis. This stair is used for the normal movement of the occupants within the building.

3. Private Stair

This stair is constructed exclusively for the movement of occupants of a particular dwelling. This hence is used for the private movement of some selected people.

4. Protected Stair

This stair is the passage that is used as a safe place for movement during any sort of emergency. This stair finally exits to a final exit out of the building. This stair is enclosed by fire-resistant construction. A Firefighting Stair is a type of protected stairway that can communicate with the accommodation area by means of a firefighting lobby.

5. Common Stair

This is also called as escape stair that is intended for the movement of occupants living in more than one flat.