How to draw a Title Block in Civil Engineering Drawing?

A title block is a rectangular block provided at the right hand side corner of the drawing sheet. It conveys the information regarding the ownership, the design process, materials, intellectual property and other miscellaneous information like patented information and property details.

How to draw a Title Block in Civil Engineering Drawing?

The details and recommendations for engineering drawing is as per IS:10711-2001. A simple practice code for engineering drawing for educational and industrial purposes are given by SP 46 - Bureau of Indian Standards.

Data field in Title Block

As per SP:46 - Table 1.2,


From the table above:
  1. Legal Owner: The name of the firm, company or the enterprise form the legal owner details. It can be trade name, owner name or even a logo.
  2. Identification or drawing or part number: The number used for identifying the drawing. This number must be unique atleast with the organisation of the legal owner.
  3. Revision Index: Represents the revision status of the drawing. It can be represented by a single alphabet or in combination. Avoid use of I and O as it may confuse with 0 and 1. The revision date and the person causing revision must be stated.
  4. Date of Issue: Date at which the drawing is officially launched for first time. It is important for legal reasons, traceability or patent rights.
  5. Sheet Number or segments: Identifies the sheet or segment
  6. Number of segment or sheets: The total number of segments or the sheets of which the document consists
  7. Language code: Language of the document. Prefer single language.

Descriptive Data fields in a Title Block

Descriptive data fields in title block
Descriptive data fields in title block

  1. Title: Refers to the content
  2. Supplementary Title: It is more information of the title regarding standard, environmental conditions, information on erection direction or position. It is not mandatory

Administrative Data Fields

Administrative data fields in title block
Administrative data fields in title block

For administrative reasons, in project data management systems (PGDM) the following extra fields as table 1.4 is necessary.

Title Blocks Arrangement

Check the example below of title block explained above:

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