Engineering Drawing-Significance and Features

Engineering drawing is the universal language of engineers. The study that requires special equipment or tools to create images are called as engineering graphics.

What is Engineering Drawing?

What is Engineering Drawing?

Engineering drawing can be defined as the drawing that is drawn by the engineer with engineering knowledge for conducting a specific engineering purpose. It is the starting point of all engineering branches say, Civil, Electrical, electronics, agricultural, mechanical, aeronautical etc.

Significance of Engineering Drawing

An engineer associated with a special branch, must also have perfect knowledge and skill in drawing. A wrong drawing will make a trained eye worried. A small mistake or error committed by an engineer misguides the workman or the operator that finally make the construction process a big flop.

What is Geometrical Drawing?

Geometrical drawing is the art of representing the geometrical objects like square, cylinder, cone, sphere, rectangle etc. The geometrical drawing forms the foundation of every engineering drawing. It is mainly of two types:
  1. Plain Geometrical Drawing
  2. Solid Geometrical Drawing

1. Plain Geometrical Drawings

It is the type of geometrical drawing that represents two dimensions like length , breadth, square on a drawing sheet.

2. Solid Geometrical Drawings

It is the type of geometrical drawing that represents three dimensional objects, like cube, sphere etc on a drawing sheet.

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