How To Keep Your Home Sanitized and Germ free?

Everyone say, our home is the safest place on earth. It no longer healthy and safe if our home is not properly sanitized and germ free. Without much explanations, we will move on to top priority things that one must follow to keep ones home germ free and clean for following a proper hygiene. 

Before I start mentioning, please understand that every cleaning task has its importance as home itself is a space that combines different task space. Stay calm and read one by one.

1. Cleaning Starts From Your Bedroom

Ignore thoughts that believe cleaning bed space is waste of time. It bring a huge difference and the kind of peace one attain is amazing while seeing a clean space.

Cleaning Starts From Your Bedroom

2. Make a Cleaning Routine

With the increase in members of the family, the cleaning routine seem tough. But dividing the job into three or four capsules to be finished within a week is a good decision. This gets you an idea about ignored and unnoticed space in the house.

3. Daily Must Cleaning Areas

Even though there are certain cleaning that can be performed weekly, some things need to be cleaned daily without fail. I will tabulate this in columns for easy understanding.

 SL.NoDaily Must Clean  Weekly Must CleanMonthly Must Clean 
 1 BedroomBathroom  Terrace Space
 2Kitchen  Furniture Indoor Garden
 3Living Room Washing Machine,Laundry Exterior Space
 4Floor  Appliances, Fans 
 5 Laundry  Toilets 

4. Keep Your Home Space Dry

Wet areas welcome germs. Try maximum to keep the space dry and airy to avoid infections and germs to come in. Moisture and humid areas welcome fowl smell and bad odor.

5. Ventilate the Space

Open the windows that can be done daily to allow circulation of air through the building. This helps to improve the drying if any presence of moisture exists in the house.

6. Cook Safely and neatly

Cooking is an art of not just cooking food but to do it neatly maintaining a clean environment. It not compulsory to always cook mess up and clean. You can clean the area along with the cooking that can save lots of time. It may not be easy thing. But if you practice you can gain this talent. It must be kept in your mind that the most tidy place in ones house is the kitchen and not the living room and patio and bedroom that you spend dollars to beautify.
It the kitchen you must keep clean the best as its the area you make your food that you consume. How can you consume food made in an untidy space. think!!!

Cook Safely and neatly

7. Disinfect All cleaning Equipment

Repeatedly cleaning make the cleaning mops, sponges and brooms demand their own cleaning. That is very much desirable. Make this a practice.

Disinfect All cleaning Equipment

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