How to Create Top Feng Shui For Homes?

Feng shui may sound mystical for some of you. But when we go more deep into the philosophy, we come to know that the concept is just some simple practices based on common sense. It makes the space healthier, productive and make us feel more attached to the shelter we are in. This is a concept based on Chinese tradition and several studies are still developed on the magic of Feng shui. Without further delay, lets go through different ways to create good feng shui vibes in our homes.

Here are Ten Ideas to cultivate fen shui concept in your homes without any concern of being an fen-shui expert or non-expert.

1. Feng Shui for Your Entry Space

The arrangement of entry area of a building decides the energy flow within the house. So, it is the first place to work with when dealing with Feng shui. The important ideas related with brightening your entry space are:
  • Declutter and Remove debris
  • Avoid direct line of sight between the front door and back door to allow energy to stay and flow within every space of the building in slow rhythm. Use of a patterned rug or artwork on the wall helps to create this.
  • Clean the area
  • Add lights and elements to brighten the space
  • Make the path to the entry space clear

2. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the eyes of the house. Some of the Feng shui ideas based on this are:
  • Clean the windows to receive clear sunlight to your rooms and space, this provides a vibrant and energetic feeling within.
  • Clean it with less toxic chemicals
  • Clean in regularly to see the world around us with utmost clarity and precision.
  • Always check whether every door in your room can be opened to 90 degrees. If no, avoid de-clutter that restricts this.
  • Check whether all your doors are working properly. These are ways to avoid the flow of energy not to affect you.

3. Commanding Positions in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the position of the bed, table and stove have a important role in determining our position in life. The bed represents the occupant, desk represent the career and the stove represents the wealth.
Feng shui represents all these positions to be visible without being directly inline with it.    

4. Feng Shui Space

As feng shui is all about balancing energy, the important factor that disturbs the energy flow are de-cluttering and messy space. Clear the space and go find more space to your room. This is when you let go certain things you don't need anymore or matters that are simply wasting your space.

5. Incorporating Plant Energy

Plants are living energy that can be brought to our space. Its the living green that connects us to the nature and bring exuberance to our life. If you are new to plants, start growing some easy ones initially like golden pothos.

6. Be thankful to your home

Thanking and offering gratitude to your home is one way of conveying of Feng shui tradition it our homes. This means, everything is live, including the space around us. The life energy that animates you also flows through our home.