What are Construction Drawings? Types of Construction Drawings?

Construction drawings are drawings that includes all set of drawings (Types of drawings used in construction) necessary to proceed a construction project. It is the main set of drawings that are provided along with the tender documents of a project during bidding process. The contract documents, the specifications, the rules and regulations, the rates of item, and the rate of contract are all developed based on the construction drawings. This concludes that the construction drawing have very much legal significance as it forms a part of contract document.

Features of Construction Drawings

The main purpose of construction drawings are:
  • Graphical visualization of the structure to be built
  • Each construction drawing must be unique and coordinated, avoiding ambiguity and confusion
  • Construction drawings gives the specification explaining the details of materials, standards, techniques and method to control the work
  • The arrangement of construction components, details and dimensions¬†are also explained in construction drawings.
  • The construction drawings are drawn to scale, a single scale is followed. Any use of two or more scales must be specified in the drawing.
  • The drawings are performed by following standard rules and regulations of architectural or engineering drawings
  • A complete set of construction drawing includes, floor plans, elevations, sections and detailed drawings that represent the whole building.
  • The construction drawings can be either prepared by hand or by CAD software.
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