5G Construction Technologies in 2020

5G construction entails intelligent and internet-based management of construction industry. It shows its efficiency in the field of labor management, workplace safety and Quality control. 5G transmission rate secure the internet for everything. It is the foundation for the growth of artificial intelligence, as AI growth is based on internet for everything.

Top 5G future construction technology in 2020 is explained in this article. 

1. 5G Surface Monitoring System in Construction Industry

Increased and accurate transmission rate of 5G surface monitoring system compared to normal mobile network help in comprehensive checks of work progress in construction. It detects dangerous elements or safety or PPE (Personal protection equipment) non-compliance and alerts. Multi-level collaborative supervision is possible through 5G construction technology. 

2. 360-Degree Spatial Real Time Monitoring in 5G Construction

The system has a tower crane camera and AI glasses which is worn by the crane operators. The arrangement provides a spatial & real time monitoring system. The obtained field view checks the immediate warnings, any abnormal data to restrain the hoisting activities. The system own night vision which helps to work 24 hrs. 

3. 5G Mobile Occupational Health Analysis in Construction Industry

5G mobile health analysis system provides the health reports of the personnel to verify whether his health status meet the requirements of the occupational health safety. This is conducted by the interactions between the 5G telecom network and the health big data platform of the construction industry. This analysis measures around 10 physiological parameters like heart function, blood pressure, etc. The analysis provides immediate medical-grade reports of the analysed person. 

4. 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Portable Inspection System in Construction

By wearing AI glasses the following details of the working personnel is obtained: 
  1. Compliance of worker
  2. Name and Post of worker
  3. Deployment of a personnel
  4. Record of work data (Videos or Images)
  5. Retain of Information
  6. Archive good and important works for future reference

5. 5G Real-time Synchronization in Construction Industry

Synchronization in Construction industry is achieved by 5G technology by: 
  1. Real-time visual technical support
  2. Dynamic solutions
  3. Training for workers
  4. Decrease dependency on core technicians

6. 5G Remote Controlled Innovation in Construction Industry

The world witnessed the magic of 5G technology in Bauma, where a 40-ton excavator was controlled by 5G network within a distance range of 8500kms. The new technology demands more production of autonomous machines.

Image Courtesy: Ericsson

Autonomous machines recognize the signals and help map the areas more accurately. They communicate faster. This fasten efficiency and safety. The risk in handling two or more machines at a time especially during the disposal of hazardous materials is avoided in this technology. The monitors detect risk if the gas leaks or the operator gets weak or tired.

7. 5G Drones and Dust Management in Construction Industry

Drones used to record images and develop 3D models. 5G enhances the HD video quality bringing virtual reality into play. The “Internet of Things” (IOT) have a part here. Noise and any fugitive dust are measured by IOT technology. 

5G technology is reduces the direct involvement of humans in the site. They are more focused to operate the robots through a reality screen through which the site in real world is seen, 

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