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How to Become a Construction Manager?

Construction manager is one of the senior most post given to the professional who oversee the construction projects from the start to end. A construction manager conducts the following functions:
  • Hire and Supervise the Workers
  • Estimation of Project Costs
  • Determination of Schedules
  • Update and Reports the Work Progress
  • Ensure Standards and Safety are met

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The question "how to become a construction manager" is answered by the important requirements to become a construction manager. We will start from the Basic Qualification to career advice.

1. Education of a Construction Manager

Education of a Construction Manager

A bachelor's degree in:
  • Construction Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Engineering or other related field

2. Skills of a Construction Manager

Skills of a Construction Manager
Skills of a Construction Manager
Important Skills of a construction manager are:
Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Service
  • Analytical and Time Management Skills
  • Bring initiatives
Technical Skills
  • Good Knowledge on Construction Field
  • Technical Skills of civil or related field
  • Read Technical Drawings
  • Project Planning
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Contract Management
  • MS Office, Auto cad and Project Management Software

3. Experience of a Construction Manager

Experience of a Construction Manager
Previous Construction experience marks the seniority and fix your position as a construction manager. After graduation, the professionals can work as management assistants. This provide first-hand information and knowledge through practical experience from the site operations. These experience also train the assistants to prepare for better opportunities.

4. Certifications of a Construction Manager

Certification increases the performances of the construction manager to the next level. These certification are provided by organisations and government agencies to help construction managers to perform better. Different and top certifications for construction managers are:
  • ACI Certification (American Concrete Institute)
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM)

5. Master Degree for Construction Manager

To pursue more in career, the professionals can take a master degree in construction management. The master's degree focus on construction materials and methods, safety, public policy, construction management practices etc.

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