What is Podium Slab? What are the design features of Podium Slab?

The construction of concrete podium slabs for multi-story building is performed to serve both as a structural floor and a slab to transfer the loads for the structural elements above it. Mostly these structural elements are wood or light-gauge steel frames. The podium slab is planned and constructed for a multi-storey building above the parking levels. This specific plan helps to increase the fire ratings and decrease of sound transmission.

What is Podium Slab? What are the design features of Podium Slab?
Podium Slab Construction

Important Features of Podium Slab

In simple words, a podium slab separates the load elements of the superstructure with the load elements of the sub-structure. The superstructure is mostly wood, metal studs or structured steel.
  1. The podium slab generally constructed are either a two-way slab system or a beam system. The Beam system affects the laying path of plumbing line and conduit, which limit its demand.
  2. The podium slab is designed to resist the following forces:
    1. The vertical dead load in combination with the vertical force from the superstructure and
    2. The horizontal lateral forces of the superstructure.
  3. The engineers who design concrete podium structure and superstructures are often different.
  4. The concrete podium structure is highly rigid and stiff that the super structure unit and the concrete podium box unit behaves are two separate parts. Because of this, the vertical combination of the lateral forces is not taken into consideration.
  5. Mostly, the parking levels are constructed below the concrete podium slab.

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