What is Plane Surveying?

Plane surveying is the surveying conducted by assuming the earth surface is flat. Here the spheroidal shape or curvature of earth (Oblate) surface is ignored.

What is Plane Surveying?

Features of Plane Surveying

1. In plane surveying, the line joining two points on earth is considered to be straight. Consider two points A and B on the earth surface. When the two points are too close, that their curvature is not known, then the line joining the two points is straight. Hence the earth surface is considered plane.

2. The triangles that is formed by joining three points on the earth surface is called a plane triangle. The angle formed are plain angles.

3. The plumb bob line passing through the two points A and B are parallel to each other in the case of plane surveying.

4. Plane surveying is adopted when the area of surveying is less than 195.5 km2.
5. Plane surveying is carried out either by local or the state agencies like R and B department,railway department or irrigation department. 

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