Cement Grout for Tile Installation

Grouts are required by all forms of tile installation. Grouts are required to fill and seal the seams between the tiles. Irrespective of the type of tile used say, ceramic, quarry or porcelain, the grout used must be quality stuff to prevent penetration of moisture and any seepage to the underlayment. 

Cement Grout for Tile Installation

The water proof quality of the grout must stay long. For this, the grout must be properly maintained.

Here, in this article we will discuss the three important grouts used in tile installation and guidance for you to choose the best one for your tile installation. 

Types of Grouts Used for Tile Installation

 The main types of grouts used in tile installation are:

  1. Cementicious Grouts
  2. Epoxy Grouts
  3. Furan Resin Grouts

Cementicious Grouts for Tile Installation

  • The composition of cementicious grout is Portland cement, filler materials ( Sand), water-retentive additives and colored pigments.
  • The cementicious grouts can be given any color by the addition of pigments. This way it can match any tiles used for your application.
  • The grouts dry materials are mixed with water and applied using a trowel.
  • The water retentive agents can be used to delay the setting time of the mortar. This way, it allows the cement to slowly cure to obtain maximum strength.
  • Cementicious grouts can stain porous tiles. In that case, it is necessary to seal the pores and perform the sealing process.

Sanded Cement Grouts for Tile Installation

Sanded cement grouts make use of fine aggregates. Sanded cement grouts is used for grout seams greater than one-eighth inch width. The sand used in cement grout helps to increase the bonding power with the tiles. This is not suitable for highly polished tiles as they bring scratches. So before applying, you can test the grout on the tile surface.

The water proof nature of sanded cement grouts can be increased by using a latex polymer additive. These are hence called as latex-modified grout.

Un-sanded Cement Grout for Tile Installation

Un-sanded grouts have a fine and smooth texture. They contain fine powders with no noticeable grit. These grouts are used for tile seams between 1/16 to 1/8 inch width. Using these grouts for wider seams results in cracks and have less binding power for larger widths.

Maintenance of Cement Grouts

Cement grouts are most commonly used grouts for tiles. Their durability can be increased by sealing it with a permanent sealer. This can increase the life two more years. It makes the grout stain-free and waterproof.

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