How to Snap Tie Reinforcement Bars for R.C.C Structures?

A snap tie or single tie is used in flat or horizontal reinforcement works. This method of tying is used to secure the rebars in position when it is supposed to take work done by other trades and during the placement of concrete.

Snap or Single Tie


The figure-1 shows the snap tie or single tie. It is one of the simplest way to tie the rebars. A snap tie is made by initially wrapping the two cross bars around using a tie bar and when the ends are in top, they are twisted. using a set of pliers, until they tightly fix to the reinforcement bars.

The pliers are used to cut the wire and the ends are flattened to prevent it from snagging or protruding outside the concrete surface.

It is used to tie rebars in caissons. No-14 or No-15 grade wire can be used to perform a snap tie. The snap tie can be made more stronger by using a double wire instead of using a heavier gage wire. This way the tie is called as double snap tie or a single tie-double wire.

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