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Which Cement is Best for R.C.C Slab Construction?

With increasing studies and researches, several types of cements are being developed in order to meet specific concrete construction process. When it comes of to strength of concrete, the type of cement used for concrete manufacture have a greater influence. So it is necessary to choose the right cement for slab construction.

Which Cement is Best for R.C.C Slab Construction?
Which Cement is Best for R.C.C Slab Construction?

Cement Used for Slab Construction

Mainly, the two common cement type used for slab construction are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC).

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OPC is a traditional cement type while Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) is made with a pozzolana material like fly ash. OPC is composed of 95% cement clinkers and 5 % gypsum, while PPC is composed of 75 percent of cement clinker, 20 % of fly ash and 3 to 5 percent of gypsum.

As fly ash is a cheap by product and a waste material, the use of PPC is considered safe, sustainable and cheap.

So, PPC is used for the construction of residential buildings, commercial buildings and other utility structures , not only for slabs, but for all structural elements.

Choosing PPC cement for Concrete Slab Construction

The main reasons, why PPC is opted for slab construction are:
  1. The use of pozzolana material like fly ash offers greater strength to the slab.
  2. Fly ash replaces the cement amount used in normal slab construction, thus reducing cost, heat of hydration and achieves sustainability.
  3. These ingredients impart chemical resistance to concrete slabs.
  4. The cost of PPC made concrete slab is lesser than OPC made concrete slabs.
  5. PPC provide uniform surface to slab after casting.
  6. PPC concrete helps to design slabs with varied shape and thickness.
  7. PPC concrete provide slabs with crack resistance.
  8. PPC concrete take hydration process of slab setting slowly, which hence result in lesser heat of hydration and good quality hydration products.
  9. PPC concrete slabs requires less curing care compared to OPC concrete. Hence, it is used easily for concrete slabs.
  10. Quality construction, more strength with less labor is guaranteed by PPC concrete for slab construction.

But to conclude, the strength of the concrete is reliable on the mix, construction and curing quality. Always take the advice from the expert structural engineer before deciding the type of cement for slab construction. Always choose the best cement brand based on quality and economy.

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Anna Smith said…
Both OPC and PPC cements are good for construction of concrete slab. OPC is the most commonly used cement in industrial and large construction, PPC is most commonly used for small residential constructions.
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