Cross-Section of a Road – Geometric Design of Highways

Cross-section of a road gives some of the important design elements and features that is observed in a highway. A general cross-section of a highway in a cutting as well as on an embankment is shown in Figure 1 below. 

Fig.1:  Cross-Section of a Road – Geometric Design of Highways 

These features in the cross-section of the highways vary depending on the type of pavement. The pavement can be flexible or rigid pavement. 

Cross-Section of a Flexible Pavement 

Consider a flexible pavement as shown in the figure-2 below. The cross-sectional elements of flexible pavement in the order of their construction are: 

Fig.2. Cross-Section of a Flexible Pavement

  1. Embankment 
  2. Subgrade 
  3. Subbase 
  4. Base 
  5. Wearing Course or Surfacing 
  6. Carriage Way 
  7. Treated Shoulder 
  8. Earthen Shoulder 

Cross-Section of Rigid Pavement 

The cross-section of a rigid pavement involves (Figure 3) 

Fig.3. Cross-Section of Rigid Pavement
  1. Embankment 
  2. Subgrade 
  3. Sub-base 
  4. Concrete Pavement 
  5. Carriage Way 
  6. Treated Shoulder 
  7. Earthen Shoulder 

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